2 thoughts on “Progression of Plants

  1. Hello!
    Love the site and thanks for all the info and pictures! I had a question regarding the propagation of plants for a raft system. I can see from above you propagated the mint in a fiber media then transferred to another media where the roots where long enough to reach into the water in the actual grow beds? Why did you change the growing media? How would I go about propagating my own plants from seed?
    Thanks in advance for your time!

    • I didnt transfer them, most of the plants I propagated in coconut coir. Some of the root cuttings I tried the expanded clay. Either worked well for mint, but I am doing all my new plants into the clay because I feel like the coir is too wet. (Although the wet conditions might work great for certain plants) I would recommend seeding into trays then transplanting them when they are strong. I had really great success with this over the last week. I will be posting photos of the new transplants and their growth over the next few day and on the Facebook page. Great question!!!