Turn Key Aquaponics LLC


This was an interesting small setup built as a demo piece for high altitude cold climate aquaponics projects.

This system from Turn Key Aquaponics was on the Aquaponics Association tour in Denver Colorado.

This is a picture of their greenhouse from the outside, didn’t look like much at first…


Looks a lot more spacious from the inside!

This project utilized gutters for vertical grow tubes,

and raft systems as well as media systems.

It was neat to be able to see them all together in one system.

This whole setup was powered by only a few tilapia.


The blue barrel here was used for off gassing water from the tap before topping off the system water.

Tomatoes towering over our heads!
In the media bed there were numerous herbs but they were also growing a lot of non-edibles such as these succulents which were doing really well.

What do you think?