The snow started out beautiful dust of fluffy snow, I had just got the first part of the plastic on before the storm.  Shown in the post below I was super excited to get things rolling….Unfortunately the snow didn’t stop.  We received 20″ of snow in Olympia, thanks to the farm caretaker the frame didn’t collapse under the weight of the snow.  I thought we were out of the woods when the snow stopped.

(This is me pre-tree branch falling on my greenhouse.  I wasn’t smiling after…)

Following the snow we had a little rain which the snow in the trees just soaked up, then huge gusts of wind blew for two days. A few branches came down and caused damage to the plastic.  We are lucky the huge one missed the greenhouse by a few feet.

Over all less damage than it could have been.  The greenhouse will need re-skinned but at least the structure survived!