Aquaponics Course

I enjoyed collaborating on three different projects over the last few months.  Which includes designing, planning, budgeting and getting approved the soon to be on campus aquaponics system.   I also attended a Commercial Aquaponics with Applied Permaculture Training Course.  It was fantastic, the connections and networking alone was worth the time and expense, plus the instructor Max Meyers was amazing!  It was exciting to hear someone so passionate about aquaponics, permaculture, and social justice speak and teach for a week.  It was also energizing to hear someone who has been designing and running aquaponics systems for a long time come to the same conclusions as I have, coming up with the same solutions for fish food, waste reclamation, and alternatives to chemical additives. I am uplifted, recharged and ready to start moving into the construction and management phase.


Check out Max Meyers website:

Living Mandala, they have courses and trainings in

permaculture, aquaponics, biogas and more!