Jun 20

THE best strawberry….

This is seriously the best strawberry I have eaten all season. Which is really saying something since we harvested gallons from our home garden this year.

It was huge, juicy super sweet. This berry came from the wicking pots and were still in a small amount of earth. This might be the best way for strawberries, at least in this system. The ones in the raft tank didn't do very well and the ones in the grow tower only produced a few berries.


Apr 02


Installing the liner for the aquaponics raft tank! The pond liner is super heavy and not easy to work with, learning to fold the corners was pretty difficult.  When installing your liner be patient and take your time! 

The liner should be pulled tight over the frame, but loose enough to account for future weight of the water.   

I used a food safe pond liner, but next time I will use a white vinyl liner, it is quickly becoming the industry standard.  Lighter weight and food safe the liner is the better choice, although more expensive.

Wrapping the liner around the frame I attached it with roofing nails with the plastic ring to help disperse the tension on the nails, this will help keep the liner from ripping.

“Must make it SssmoOOOoooth”